About Us


Our Approach

Ever used a bad app or played a crummy game? Us too. We know how it feels. That is why our goal is to make apps that just plain work. We want to make the best apps we can, so if you find a problem let us know here.

Our Story

Growing up on the consoles and arcade systems that started it all, we have a rich and diverse understanding of games and their history. The truth is that we’ve played games that were good, and we’ve played some games that weren’t so good. With this experience behind us and the technology available to join the ranks of the video game and software greats, we strive to make games and software that are fun and easy to use for everyone.

Meet the Team

General information about the team.


Paul Sisco


Paul is a senior software developer with over 30 years experience designing, building, and maintaining various applications.


Jordan Sisco

Software Development Intern

Jordan is an entry level programmer who has over one year of software development experience.

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Rob Freve


Rob is a citizen of Legoland, traveling incommunicado. Rob has been an International Man of History, a bon vivant, a Jack-of-all-Trades, and an Ideamonger.  Rob has a love for the Oxford comma, the fervent belief in the power of coffee, and the nearly uncontrollable urge to refer to himself in the third-person. ("That's just how Rob talks." - Rob)


Jason Fifer

Game Artist

Jason is the top drawer or is it drawist... He has been drawing stuff since he was 3 years old.

He is going to update his bio soon. 🙂